1MP Visits Hamilton Eye Institute

The One Medical Passport team had the opportunity to visit Hamilton Eye Institute to see the ways they've used 1MP solutions to streamline their processes. This testimonial covers their use of Big Board, our patient tracking solution.

1MP Spotlight: The Orthopedic Surgery Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital

The staff at the Orthopedic Surgery Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital were looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction at their facility. Case after case, the staff was finding zero patients returned their completed patient satisfaction surveys. Was it because they hated the care they received? Did they lose the survey papers? Bryn Mawr staff knew it was time to get answers to these questions.

1MP's Office Solution is a "Game Changer" for West Hills Surgical Center

Cypress Surgery Center: Before and After 1MP

How Surgery Center of Fairbanks Thrives Post-COVID-19

Surgery Center of Fairbanks had already been working with One Medical Passport for online patient registration before COVID-19. Once COVID-19 hit, they decided to integrate Engage, One Medical Passport’s patient communication solution. This allowed Fairbanks to communicate with patients and their loved ones on COVID-19 screening results, all of their new social distancing and waiting room guidelines, as well as surgical updates (so family members could completely avoid the waiting room.)

1MP Helps Hunterdon Increase Patient Satisfaction

Take a look at this video blog from when Medical Passport visited Hunterdon Center for Surgery to hear all about their successes with our solutions. 


Cypress Surgery Center Saves 522 Hours per Year with 1MP

"It is the technology our patients expect. Most [patients] love being able to do this online. We have even won over many of our older, more hesitant patients."
-Joyce White, Administrator at Cypress Surgery Center

With an average of over 900 cases per month, Cypress Surgery Center sought a solution to help them work as efficiently as possible. The center prides itself on its commitment to quality patient care and looked to One Medical Passport to help deliver this level of care while saving time, money, and frustration.

Innovations Surgery Center Uses 1MP to Improve Pre-Admission Processes

Innovations Surgery Center (ISC) in Rockville, MD is a surgery center that is dedicated exclusively to GYN procedures. Their innovative techniques keep even the most complicated procedures to a minimally invasive level. They are known for their exceptional patient outcomes and revolutionizing female health procedures.

1MP Helps With Emergency Preparedness Plan for California Facility


We had learned about the power outages and fires happening in California; we wanted to help.  

News Anchor: “California is burning...statewide utilities cut power to more than 209,000 customers to minimize the fire risk.” 

Paula: My name is Paula Schinning and I'm a Customer Success Manager here at One Medical Passport. We reached out to our California clients to see if we could help them get the word out to their patients about facilities closing or delaying surgery.

Sarah Sterling, an Administrator at Sutter Health: “It was 10pm when our center lost power. We were in a position where we just didn't know how to get ahold of our physicians, our staff, and most importantly, our patients. We needed to let them know the status of the center and their procedures”. 

Paula: We reached out to a couple of facilities and went ahead and turned on one time messaging through Passport Engage, our patient engagement solution. They were able to reach out to their patients pretty quickly.  We left it on for them just as they were kind of recovering from that, and then we had customers that were actively evacuating.

News Anchor: “Further north and Sonoma County conditions are even worse, forcing 200,000 evacuations”.

Paula: Some of the facilities had smoke in their OR’s and they couldn’t have access to their scheduling system. So, being at home, they were able to get ahold of patients to tell them “hey we're closed for the week due to the fires” and much more effectively manage their patient cases.

The clients were extremely happy because we were able to quickly do this for them. They want to be able to put these actions into place in their emergency preparedness plan, so, in the future, if there's these things, they know these steps to take.   Some of the administrators were out-of-state and they didn't have access to their computer systems on site. We were able to do this because we're a cloud-based solution and we have all that information for them. 

Sarah Sterling: “Now I'm more comfortable in knowing that I have that feature and I know that we'll be able to communicate with our patients and so it was very helpful.”

Paula: It was a very easy process for them and they were able to get ahold of us very quickly. Even on a Sunday, I noted that they are calling me from California, so, I answered the phone. I knew they needed help for Monday morning.

Park Ten Surgery Center Uses 1MP to Streamline Perioperative Process