How Surgery Center of Fairbanks Thrives Post-COVID-19

Surgery Center of Fairbanks had already been working with One Medical Passport for online patient registration before COVID-19. Once COVID-19 hit, they decided to integrate Engage, One Medical Passport’s patient communication solution. This allowed Fairbanks to communicate with patients and their loved ones on COVID-19 screening results, all of their new social distancing and waiting room guidelines, as well as surgical updates (so family members could completely avoid the waiting room.)

This was especially important to Surgery Center of Fairbanks, as they were able to omit a stressful part of their pre-op process:

“We see patients from all over Alaska and many have to fly to us for surgery. Medical Passport means patients don’t have to fly-in a week in advance for pre-op registration appointments. They can completely take care of that information online, and simply fly-in for their day-of-surgery.” -Keli Hite McGee, Administrator at Surgery Center of Fairbanks

Surgery Center of Fairbanks has seen incredible improvements in patient compliance and patient satisfaction since implementing 1MP Solutions. In fact, the center has noted a 70% reduction in cancelled cases. Patients love the convenience of filling out their health history online, nurses spend less time on pre-op processes and registration hiccups, and family members feel secure knowing they will be receiving updates while their loved one is being cared for. The center feels confident in their processes, even in such a hectic world. 


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