Park Ten Surgery Center Uses 1MP to Streamline Perioperative Process

Park Ten Surgery Center had someone physically call every patient and do a medical history by phone. Sometime patients couldn't be reached easily or at all. This led to cancellations and rescheduling constantly.

The staff at Park Ten said, "Prior to One Medical Passport, there was a lot of phone calls to the patients which then takes up valuable nursing time where we can be focusing on the patient."

"One Medical Passport has streamlined our entire process as far as pre-op. One of the things that has been really beneficial is having that ability to review their medical history in advance." Because they have been able to review patient medical history ahead of their scheduled outpatient surgery, Park Ten has seen a decrease in cancellations.

Park Ten also implemented Engage, patient engagement solution. They've found it to be an easy process to send both one-time and automated messages.

Paulette, the administrator at the facility said, "I love that we can cater the clinical pathway to each physician’s needs. Now, we can actually make their discharge instructions go out to the patient when they register for their medical history. Based on the surgery that they're having, those instructions on how to care for themselves at home go to the patients immediately.  We're not killing trees and having to print it or give it to the person that is picking them up. Often, the person picking them up is not really listening to us when we're giving it to them on the day of surgery. They're concerned about their family member. Due to the Engage messaging system, call time has decreased by more than 90%. "

She continued, "Over my 30 years in nursing I worked with a lot of systems in electronic documentation.  One Medical Passport is very flexible. You can cater it to your facility's culture. It's helped us to see where we need to improve, where we fall short and the main thing it's helped us to see is that process for the patient getting information ahead of time is so much better when they get it in real time at home. People are busy. They get it on their phone, they confirm “I got it.” They leave us a message “I got instructions or thank you so much I got the message that you left me”. We can message them via text or they get an email in real time. Before, we left messages on answering machines. Then, it may take a day or so for them to call us back, because their schedules. Life is busy for them, so, being able to deal with a flexible system in real-time has been really beneficial for us."