1MP Spotlight: The Orthopedic Surgery Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital

The staff at the Orthopedic Surgery Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital were looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction at their facility. Case after case, the staff was finding zero patients returned their completed patient satisfaction surveys. Was it because they hated the care they received? Did they lose the survey papers? Bryn Mawr staff knew it was time to get answers to these questions.

Since implementing One Medical Passport solutions, staff members are now able to incorporate an online survey link that is sent directly to the patient via text and email through our Engage solution. This survey link, along with other relevant post-op educational information, reminds the patient to take an active role in their recovery. These text and email reminders hold patients accountable in taking all the steps needed for a smooth recovery. Not to mention, the Bryn Mawr orthopedic staff has seen significant increases in their patient satisfaction scores now that their surveys are being completed.

“One Medical Passport has increased our patient satisfaction scores significantly. Patients can complete our survey on their own time and send it in right away to let us know everything is fine.. we no longer have to call folks multiple times to get in touch. It has really helped tailor the experience to the patient.”

-Anthony Novella, Director of Nursing at the Orthopedic Surgery Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital

Patient satisfaction ranges from how focused your care is, to how well your patients are treated in each stage of the surgical process: scheduling, pre-op, PACU, operating room, and recovery. While meeting industry standards is the most important goal of surgical facilities, it’s just as crucial to assure your patients are perceiving and experiencing that same excellence. By making life easier on them (through automated text and email messages) you not only give them excellent care, but you give your staff their time back to focus on those patients that need their undivided attention. Well done, Bryn Mawr staff!