Cypress Surgery Center Saves 522 Hours per Year with 1MP

"It is the technology our patients expect. Most [patients] love being able to do this online. We have even won over many of our older, more hesitant patients."
-Joyce White, Administrator at Cypress Surgery Center

With an average of over 900 cases per month, Cypress Surgery Center sought a solution to help them work as efficiently as possible. The center prides itself on its commitment to quality patient care and looked to One Medical Passport to help deliver this level of care while saving time, money, and frustration.

Medical Passport® online pre-admission gives patients the convenience they were expecting by allowing them to complete their medical histories at home. As a result, patient information is obtained further in advance and is more complete. Staff enjoys spending less time on the phone and more time where they are needed—with patients. Risks can be assessed and identified sooner, decreasing delays and cancellations.

Nurses at Cypress Surgery Center knew phone-tag wasn't cutting it. Passport Engage® delivers text and email messages to patients that are specific to their physician and procedure. They include pre-op and NPO instructions, reminders, and post-op follow-up. Nurses can now spend their time off the phones and patients are given the convenient, effective communication they expect and deserve.

The results? Cypress Surgery Center was able to save 522 hours a year in pre-op call time, reducing their labor hours by 33%. They quickly got ahead in pre-op calls, calling patients 7 days before of surgery as opposed to 3. Regarding post-op follow-ups, Cypress Surgery Center was able to save 326 hours per year! Their usual 2 hours per day spent on follow-up calls has minimized to about 45 minutes a day. That's a whopping 66% less time on the phone in PACU.

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