1MP's Office Solution is a "Game Changer" for West Hills Surgical Center


For any ambulatory surgery center, having an easy and complete scheduling and booking process is crucial; the booking process is where everything begins.

However, many ASCs experience issues and challenges with their booking process. OR booking requests usually get made one of two ways: by phone or fax. Phone calls and faxes are error-prone, slow and can get lost in the shuffle at a surgical facility. Plus, there’s no audit trail.

Often times, facilities struggle with handwritten booking forms, missing information, and faxes that a physicians office is saying were sent, but the ASC has no record of.

West Hills Surgical Center, located in West Hills, CA, was facing similar challenges with using a fax machine and online fax services. Sylvia Garrett, Pre-op/PACU Charge RN at West Hills Surgical Center, explained that it was difficult to keep track of documents that were faxed to their facility. With fax machines, there's never a confirmation, which would often lead to miscommunication between the physicians office and their facility.

West Hills Surgical Center implemented One Medical Passport's Office solution, which made the booking and document collection process so easy and seamless. Physician offices are now able to easily book cases at the surgical center.

Sylvia mentioned after implementing a booking and document management solution, "Those difficult offices really became our easiest offices to work with once we implemented 1MP!"

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