Common ASC Scheduling Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

As more and more patients seek out ambulatory surgery centers over hospital settings for outpatient procedures, ASCs are faced with the constant challenge of scheduling more and more appointments. And unfortunately, with higher traffic numbers, scheduling aspects can (and do) fall through the cracks. Investing in a quality ambulatory surgery center software program can help ASCs a great deal on this front. But before we get into fixing problems, it’s important to recognize how mistakes are made in the first place. Below are some of the most common issues ASCs face that lead to mistakes in scheduling.


New England Surgery Center Shares Success Story

New England Surgery Center recently shared their success story using One Medical Passport to run smarter and save time using our pre-admission solution.

Utilization of Online Patient Registration and Pre-admissions for Ambulatory Surgery

Over the 20 years that I have run One Medical Passport, probably the most frequent question that I get asked from ambulatory surgery centers that are considering an online pre-admissions system is: “What percentage of my patients can I expect to use the system?”