Case Study: Increasing Patient Satisfaction with 1MP

We have the pleasure of working with ASC staff from all over the country. They use 1MP software to streamline and improve whichever daily functions they desire - and the results? Incredible functionality, fewer cancellations than ever before, increased revenue, and so much more. Here are a few real examples of how 1MP can help increase patient satisfaction.

Brandy McDonald, Clinical Manager at Texas Health Orthopedic Surgery Center Heritage

Previously, Brandy and her staff noticed huge gaps in communication, especially with COVID-19 policies. Their patients were not only nervous for their procedure, but worried about their family being out of the loop. Nurses would often have to stop their tasks to call family members and keep them informed.

With One Medical Passport, 

  • Engage does the communicating with family members or caregivers 
  • Any reminders or communication is automated, saving nursing time 
  • Patients arrive feeling prepared and informed for surgery

Brandy and her facility received 100% patient satisfaction scores last month.

Jennilee Caffey, Director of Nursing at Baylor Scott & White Sports Surgery Center at the Star

Jennilee and her staff noticed COVID-19 had completely changed their facility functions. Their post-op calls weren’t doing well and patient satisfaction scores weren't as high as they would've liked.  Jennilee realized it was time for a better communication software - especially one that could include family & caregivers. 

With One Medical Passport:

  • Staff created a post-op survey and questionnaire that flags any patients that are experiencing pain control issues or that need additional help, creating better post-op processes
  • Automated texts are set up for them to keep family completely informed
  • They have noticed incredible feedback from family and patients since implementing in March

Jennilee and her staff have received patient satisfaction scores of 97% and up since implementing.

Interested in seeing these results in your surgery center? Schedule a quick call with us. Our clinical experts can match you with your ideal 1MP Bundle of solutions.