Why your Software provider should have a clinical background

 Your ASC may opt for a software solution for a variety of reasons -- more robust patient communication, digital charting, more collaborative scheduling. Most of the time, however, these software options are created by marketing and IT experts. And while your ASC can probably benefit from a genius marketing and tech-savvy mind, your software provider also needs to have clinical expertise. Otherwise, your software solution likely won't do everything you need it to.


How do clinical minds think differently?

Creating an ASC software solution that works takes the collaboration of IT experts, marketing minds, and clinical expertise. When your software has been created by people who have previously worked in the ASC setting, you can rest assured they know the ins and outs of the daily grind.

For example, a marketing expert may focus primarily on how you connect with your patients, whether that be through email, text, or video message. However, a clinical mind will understand that online pre-admission doesn't save your staff any time if it doesn't integrate directly with a patient's medical record. An IT mind may create an easy-to-navigate scheduling software, but the clinical expert is the one who has the idea to make the schedule accessible and configurable to every staff member in real-time across your ASC.


More robust options

Experts with a clinical background know that your most significant goal is to work more efficiently. When your software has been built with a clinical expert at the table, they will think of solutions that other experts won't. 

What if you could access a HIPAA-compliant display of your schedule? How would that affect how you update patients in the waiting groom? What if your staff didn't have to spend extra time sorting and submitting vendor orders, but instead, your vendors had real-time access to your inventory? What if your referral form and process was designed by physicians themselves?

When your software provider includes experts with a clinical background, the result is a more robust, seamlessly integrated software. With these solutions, your staff have more time to devote to direct care, which, at the end of the day, is the most important thing.


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