How the Correct ASC Software Should Feel

Anticipating the installation of new ASC software can create anxiety for surgeons and staff. Everyone worries if the software will be too complex to learn, whether it will make work life more difficult, and how it will impact patient care. Ambulatory Surgery Centers always have a lot going on and overlapping tasks that need to be handled.

Adding ASC software to the mix can be a blessing or a curse depending on what kind of software your facility chooses. When you come to work excited about your job because new ASC software has simplified processes, improved morale, and reduced wasted hours, you know you’ve chosen well, and your staff will thank you for it. 


Seamless Integration

The new software should be able to integrate seamlessly within your already established processes. Make sure the software you choose isn't an "out of the box" solution that you or your staff will have to install, update, and learn how to use completely on their own. The right software solution includes an expert who will make sure everything is integrated correctly in your  system and train your staff in how to use new features. There should be a Project Manager in place who is your "go-to" person during any software transition.


Easy to Learn

The correct ASC software for your facility will be easy to learn and use. If a new system is complex, counter-intuitive, and has complex or redundant steps, neither surgeons nor staff will have the time to learn how to use it. Forcing everyone to learn everything from the get-go isn't efficient or effective. 

With One Medical Passport, staff will be trained in the general use of the system so that you have a great start. From there, we offer an extensive, online knowledge base everyone can access to learn more at their own pace. By being able to learn first and foremost about the software features most relevant to their job duties, staff and surgeons will save valuable learning time and quickly become proficient in the areas that are critical to their jobs and the patients they care for.  


Quick Resolution of Problems

When your ASC software is backed by solid customer and IT support, the atmosphere in your facility is less stressed when there's a glitch in the system. Software hiccups do happen, but if they throw your entire ASC into a panic, shut down crucial patient care, or take days to resolve, they can cripple your facility. With exceptional IT and customer support, even the rare hiccup can be handled quickly and reliably so you can get back to the business of providing proper surgical care to your patients.


Clinically Sound

There are many healthcare software packages available, but most don't focus specifically on the needs of ASCs. When these systems are used, it's common for facilities to have to work for weeks or even months with the software company to reconfigure certain features or add other elements to meet the specific needs of an ambulatory surgery center.

Choosing a clinically sound software system designed and developed by IT specialists working with ASC professionals ensures that the software program addresses the needs of an ASC without having to modify the system. The system is already tailored to the unique problems of running a safe, efficient ASC.


Saving Time, Money, and Headaches

One Medical Passport provides software solutions designed to make running an ASC and caring for patients more manageable, more efficient, and less stressful. Each year, our clients save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by upgrading to a system that carries them from pre-op registration to document storage and post-op care seamlessly.

No more having to double-check paper records. No more running from room to room to confirm the status of a patient. No more making multiple phone calls to patients and booking physicians. No more worries about vendor status. No more headaches trying to make sure patients know what they owe and getting them to pay.

One Medical Passport offers a streamlined, whole-office solution for every Ambulatory Surgery Center. In the coming months, the busy holiday season means more procedures, scheduling considerations, and potential patient payments problems.

The correct ASC software should feel like relief from wasted time and energy for everyone from the receptionist to the surgeons.


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