What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You: Ambulatory Surgery Software Security Explained

One of the top questions regarding ambulatory surgery software is data privacy and security. With just one click, cybercriminals can gain access to a network of data. If this happens at your ASC, the results can be devastating. 

For this reason, you need to know that your ASC software company takes security seriously. Here are some clues on making the right choice. 

Understand the web host 

Part of the point of enlisting a software solution is not having to know all the technical knowledge yourself. But you still should know the basics. 

A web host is a business that provides the services that make it possible for your website to be viewed. All the information for your website is saved on a specific computer called a server managed by your web host. 

Small companies or self-hosted websites may look like a more modest investment, but they could hurt you significantly in the long run if they don’t take security seriously. Find out if the host is a large business provider, or if they have fewer resources. Because we are in healthcare, you also need to ensure that the host and server are HIPAA-compliant. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about security. The company should have clear answers and be able to provide details on how they ensure data security. If you have an information systems (IS) manager at your ASC, make sure that this person has fully vetted the company and had all their questions answered before you pull the trigger. 

Know what clues to look for 

For those of us who aren’t as tech-savvy, some hints can help you understand whether or not a company takes software security seriously. 

  • What are the tech support options? When you need help figuring out your software, can you reach a real person? What are the support hours for fielding questions? Do you fill out your requests through a secure ticketing system?  
  • How often is the software updated? Just like our computers and smartphones get new software updates every so often, so should an ASC software. Regular updates are an indication that the company takes security seriously. It’s also important to know how often updates occur: weekly, monthly, quarterly? This can help you understand if this company would be the right partner for your surgery center. 
  • What happens if I cancel the service? A crucial question to ask is, what happens to your data if you cancel your software plan? Does the company keep your information forever? Will you get a copy of the data? Is it permanently deleted? This will help you prepare for any situation and gives you insight into how your information is being managed. 

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