Should You Consider Switching Your Surgery Center Software?

Getting patients in and out of the OR safely and efficiently is the top priority at an any ASC. You’re using the best, most innovative equipment in the operating room. Are you using the same cutting-edge tools to track patients?

Make your ambulatory surgery center software work for you

Many ASC software options come with a one-size-fits-all approach. And even with the ones that don’t, how do you know that you’re really maximizing a system’s capabilities?

Understanding whether or not you have the best software for your facility starts with defining what you want that software to do. What processes need to be defined? Do you need easier physician referrals? Better patient charting? A more efficient OR board? The first step of implementing a system is defining your ASC’s needs.

Can you scale your software?

Your current system may have worked just fine when you first started using it. But is your software able to grow with your ASC? A few years ago, you may have only been performing one specialty but now have expanded to be a multi-specialty operation.

As you grow, your software needs to be scalable and integrative. Physician referrals, pre-op charting, tracking the OR schedule, and follow-up communication all need to incorporate seamlessly in one software.

The training process

Any new processes will involve a learning curve. Consider how much time you have to invest in training. You will need buy-in from your staff. It’s much easier to garner buy-in when you have a system that is intuitive, logical, and has clear benefits. Give your staff a demo of the product and communicate the specific hours saved that this transition will bring.

Understand data integration

Privacy and security are crucial in any medical software. However, how much easier would it be if the data from patient records could integrate directly into pre-op reminders and follow-up communication? Newer platforms offer these HIPAA-compliant options for data integration. This adds up to significant cost and time savings

An ambulatory software that does it all

What capabilities does your current software have? What capabilities do you need? Look for a software that offers it all—from physician referral through post-op communication. If you want to learn more about a specific product, reach out to chat with a representative and schedule a demo. Take the first step towards an integrated, customized ASC management platform.

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