Reducing Cancellations at Your ASC

Case cancellations can be a frustrating hiccup in ASCs. What would you say if I told you that most cancellations are caused by improper patient assessments or poor communication? Here's how.

NPO Cancellation

Patients that eat immediately before surgery likely experienced failed communication regarding NPO requirements. If this is a frequent occurrence at your office, try being more specific with your language. "Have a light breakfast" might mean a short stack of pancakes to some folks, and a single egg to others. Remove the ambiguity and explain exactly what you mean to avoid this error.

If you feel your message is clear enough, try looking at your means of communication. Is it the most efficient option available? Our Engage solution sends both texts and emails to patients to assure they receive all pertinent information in a timely manner. Not all folks text, and not all folks email, but most do at least one of the above. 

Miscommunication Cancellation

Patients can arrive at the wrong location, show up at the wrong time, or even miss their surgery date completely. Human error is a major factor in surgery cancellations. It is crucial that your facility makes human error almost impossible for your patients. Send reminders, notify your patients of any schedule changes, and provide them with a clear arrival time and street address to avoid any confusion. This effort will drastically decrease case cancellations - and that is a win for everyone.

Medication Mix-Up Cancellation

Some patients may not understand which medications to stop taking before surgery. Be sure your facility is asking for an accurate (and current) list of all the medications the patient is currently taking. Medical Passport provides patients with a thorough and complete medical history that they can fill out whenever it's most convenient for them. This negates any chance of a medication mix-up, as they can lay all of their prescriptions out in front of them while they answer medical history questions from the comfort of their own home. 

No Ride-Home Cancellation

We all know how important a ride home is. Some patients find themselves in a pickle and have nobody to call on day of surgery. To avoid this, make it alarmingly clear that the surgery cannot happen if they don't have an adult to take them home once their procedure is over. Send automated reminders to the patient about this. It's always a nice touch to include the ride home person in the loop of communication, too. Engage allows you to text them when their loved one is in recovery/ready to be picked up. 

Insurance Issue Cancellation

When patients are under the assumption that they have met their deductible, when in fact they haven't, it can often set them up for quite the expensive wake up call. By being open and upfront with your patients about what they'll owe from the beginning, you provide them with ample time to begin putting money aside for their procedure. By giving Payment alerts, you save your patients from the shock of out-of-pocket expenses and set them up for a smooth and successful payment process. 

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