What are Patient Tracking Boards?

What exactly are Patient Tracking Boards? What makes them so crucial to have in my facility?


Patient Tracking Boards are one of the most useful solutions in a busy surgery center. They simply allow you to track your patients status from pre-op to post-op. Many facilities are accustomed to using paper schedules or white boards to do this, but those methods involve too much back-and-forth and running around to be sure staff is on the same page. Patient Tracking Boards completely simplify these processes on day of surgery. While they track the patient from pre-op to post-up, real-time status updates alert all of your staff at once.

Say goodbye to rushing around to alert staff of schedule changes or cancellations, forgetting to update family members on the status of their loved one, or losing track of where a specific patient is in their journey. Patient Tracking Boards are the answer!