1MP Announces Top 10 Contestants of 2021 'Everyday Heroes Program'

One Medical Passport (1MP) recently announced the launch of their second round of the Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program. The company created this program in 2020 to not only give back to the ASC community, but to recognize, honor and reward these remarkable outpatient surgery professionals who have gone above and beyond their role and touched the lives of so many.

1MP received an abundance of Everyday Hero nominations from outpatient surgery centers across the country. The ASC Everyday Heroes Program Committee has reviewed all submissions and selected the Top 10 Contestants who will move to the next phase of the program, and one step closer to the $5,000 cash prize.


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1. Stephanie Price, Materials Manager, Texas Health Surgery Center Denton

IMG_5012Stephanie's Story: As we all know, this past year and a half has been a whirlwind of new challenges in our field with the pandemic, drastically impacting patient volume and creating a level of uncertainty like we have never encountered before. As or materials manager/purchaser, Stephanie strived to reduce worry in our center by going above and beyond to ensure our many physicians and teammates had access to the supplies they needed for our patients, despite the overwhelming amount of obstacles with world wide shortages and delivery delays. Her ability to be resourceful and creative allowed for our facility to keep a certain level of comfort and normalcy, despite the chaos that we were all experiencing throughout this time, but most importantly, her positive light that never showed how truly concerning it was to find supplies for next month, week, or even the next day. She puts snacks together for our heavy volume days when physicians and teammates don't have time to get out of the building lunch. She was even creative enough to make these items COVID friendly. You should see the boxes that UPS, FedEx, and countless other vendors drop off for our 600+ cases a month, and how she distributes every single item throughout the facility to make sure our team performs cases without a hiccup. She is the true MVP behind the scenes for our daily operations and we are beyond blessed to have her our on team.


2. Colbie Page, BSN, RN, Pre-op/PACU RN, Texas Health Joint Replacement Surgery Center

colbie pictureColbie's Story: Colbie radiates kindness. The care and expertise provide to each patient provides comfort with grace. Colbie eases the anxiety of surgical patients by making "towel animal" so they have a comfort object to distract their mind. She provides each person the necessary time to ask questions and answer each question in its entirety. Colbie has meticulously managed the pharmacy at THJRC and achieved a perfect State Pharmacy Board inspection. Each medication is labeled per LASA and high alert standard for patient safety. When the word hero is mentioned Colbie Page immediately comes to the forefront of my thoughts.


3. Amy Roesch, Materials Manager/Rad Tech, Franklin Surgery Center

amyphotoAmy's Story: Amy juggles many of the day to day activities at Franklin Surgical Center. The center currently has no Director of Nursing and Amy has been that ""go to"" person for everyone at Franklin. She jumps in to help turn over the operating room, assist staff with any concerns. Amy makes sure that the center is fully stocked for all supplies but at the same time, the center is not over stocked. She makes sure that all deliveries are put away and breaks down the boxes for recycling. Amy always jumps in to ensure that the operating room is ready and lends a helping hand everywhere without being asked. In addition to being the materials manager at Franklin, Amy is also a certified Radiologic Tech. She always assists with the C-Arms in addition to her materials manager duties.

Amy has taken on several roles at Franklin. For the past four years, there has been inconsistent leadership at Franklin. Amy stepped in to help keep the center running. Her knowledge of equipment and setting up the operating room is vast. But most importantly, Amy shares her knowledge with everyone.

Amy is an everyday hero. She manages multiple duties at Franklin that far exceed the job description of ""Materials Manager"". Amy also has a very important job. She is a wife and mother of 2 children. She is always juggling day care, summer camp, and other activities for her kids and yet always puts in a full day at Franklin.

Franklin is what it is today because of Amy's unsung efforts to deliver quality of care to Franklin's patients. Her heart is in Franklin, everyday.


4. Anthony Novella BSN, RN, Director of Nursing, Orthopaedic Surgery Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 9.44.31 AMAnthony's Story: Anthony is such an AMAZING role model and leader. He comes to work every day with a positive attitude ready to tackle all obstacles that comes his way. In the mists of being new to the Director of Nursing role, he shined like the star that he is during the COVID pandemic. He kept his staff safe, working hard, and staying positive during the every day changes that were happening. Just being in his presence makes the working day more pleasant. He makes each staff member feel important and makes time for them throughout the day. I learn so much from him and thrive to be the nurse and fabulous person that he is. We are so lucky to have him as the Director of Nursing of our facility.


5. Natalia Toscano, Administrative Staff, Huntingdon Valley Surgery Center

image (1) Natalia's Story: Natalia is an amazing teammate she goes above and beyond to help all of her teammates at the center. No matter what is asked of her she will give you her all and you will never hear her complain. During our transition with SCA she worked long hours to ensure our center continued to run smoothly and that all of her teammates had what they needed before she would leave for the day.

As her manger, I would be lost without her, She can cover every position in front offices as well as help out with I.T issues, train teammates and helps the PAT room run smoothly.


6. Monika Hoyos, Pre-op/PACU RN, The Gables Surgical Center

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 10.37.07 AMMonika's Story: Monika is one of the most dedicated, professional, compassionate nurses I've ever had the pleasure to work with, in my professional career. She is an exemplary employee that represents Surgery Partner's core values in every aspect of service she provides. Monika is very committed to our patients, as well as, to the providers we serve. She is the first clinical staff to arrive in the morning, as she is responsible to pre-op the patients and she is the last one to leave because she also serves as our primary PACU RN. She never complains and always greets each patient with a warm, welcoming smile. She is a team player that is always willing to go above and beyond, here at the center, and she treats the rest of the staff with respect and a pleasant personality. Monika is definitely deserving of this honor and recognition.


7. Lori Rodriguez, Surgical Technologist/Lead for Spine/PM Charge, The Orthopaedic Surgery Center

20210831_170011Lori's Story: Lori does an amazing job daily! She is dedicated to ensuring a patient receives the best care by ensuring the necessary equipment and products are present during cases. She takes on extra responsibility in updating picklists and being the lead tech for spine specialty. She is in charge in the afternoons when she works. Which includes addressing many different issues at times. Ranging from scheduling to equipment failure to directing staff. She is extra amazing in that she does all of this after experiencing a personal tragedy in experiencing the tragic loss of her husband unexpectedly. She is a single mother with two beautiful daughters that require her care as well. But she is always giving her all at work and with a smile!!!


8. Andy Hernandez, Lead Endoscopy Technician, Arrowhead Endoscopy & Pain Management Center

image0 (1)Andy's Story: Without hesitation, I nominate Andy Hernandez for the Everyday Hero award. His 12-year tenure as the Lead Endoscopy Technician at Arrowhead Endoscopy is invaluable. He is highly respected by all the physicians and staff for his clinical expertise. He is also expert in the maintenance of all the medical equipment and endoscopes. His is responsible for supply chain and has been instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that we are able to obtain and maintain the necessary supplies to remain open during these difficult times. When we were forced to shut down during the infancy of the pandemic, Andy still volunteered to support the ASC operations even though the loss of hours and income was a detriment to his family. He did whatever he could to help when needed, and had such a positive impact during the difficult transition when we reopened, facing all of the changes related to COVID-19. Amidst his dedication to work and family (a very close-knit family at that), Andy and his entire family experienced a significant loss when his mother passed away after spending days in the hospital with COVID-19. Words cannot describe the loss the Hernandez family endured, and it also impacted his entire work family as well. You see, Andy is not only respected for his work, but also is considered family at Arrowhead Endoscopy. Everyone felt the loss he experienced. On a positive note, Andy and his wife recently brought their 3rd child, a son, into the world, and I am sure his mother is a guardian angel looking over him. Andy's character and how he overcomes challenges in the face of adversity is a perfect example of an Everyday Hero. I hope you will seriously consider him for this award. Thank you.


9. Vincent Llamzon, Lead Technician, Centinela Valley Endoscopy Center

Vincent's Story: I started working here in 2018. I met Vincent. He is like no other tech/nurse I have ever met and I have been in nursing since 1987. Vincent doesn't just do his job, he makes sure everyone is getting there work done. He is at your side to see where or when he can assist. That goes for the doctors too. He will not only finish his tasks but will go around the Center making sure all tasks are completed before the end of the day. Vincent will also stay after work if something is not done. He also arrives early to the Center to make sure that all the computers are running and that the scope machines are turned on and ready for the day. Should someone call off for whatever reason, Vincent will immediately let me know whom to call for back up. He has been at this Center for over 14 years and knows everyone who is on call and on standby. Vincent has a kind heart. One that is rare and precious. He will often take the heat if something is left undone by another staff member. Vincent will always say "I did it" so that no one gets in trouble. He will then make sure that the task is completed and will let the staff member know what was left undone so that he/she remembers. Vincent has recently moved into a new home that is a quite farther than where he used to live. He will not consider leaving unless the other techs are fully trained and can handle the workload. He is wonderful with training new staff. No matter what the staff title may be, Vincent is there to lend a helping hand or an assist in any way. When it comes time to be recognized for a job well done. Vincent will be the LAST person to claim any glory. He will always make sure that others are named for their success before his. Same with lunch. Vincent will make sure that everyone has had a break before he will take his. Same goes with Time Off. He will ask for time off but insist on being called in should anyone need anything. He is truly one in a million. Not to mention his soft spoken spirit. I refer to him as my right AND left arm. Vincent is the 100% person any center would be blessed to have. I cannot say enough about Vincent as a co-worker nor can I ever say enough about him as a person. A truly sweet and caring person. In and out of work.


10. Brandon Alpaugh, SPD/Materials/Life Safety Officer, Specialty Surgery Center

Brandon's Story: Brandon works SPD plus Materials plus Life Safety Officer. He wears many hats. He still finds time to answer every page, drop what he is doing and run to every department to help in whatever way they need. He helps shovel sidewalks and paths to cars during snow storms. He helps clean cars during the same. He makes sure we are getting supplies during shortages. Always comes in and leaves with a smile. You can't help but feel positive around him., much needed during these times.


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Thank you to everyone who submitted their ASC Everyday Hero! Submissions for round three of the Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program will open in 2022.