Why Video is Changing Surgical Care

Why are we so involved with video in 2019? Video is really important and it is the way people are consuming information.  For better for worse, we live in a country or a nation of watchers, not readers.  You can either go with the video trend or fight it.
In healthcare, the audience that would benefit the most from video are patients. Derek Calderara, our videographer for One Medical Passport, explained there are a few key qualities that all great videos should possess.  Let's call them the three E’s.
First, you want your videos to be engaging.

We are a nation of storytellers. It's been ingrained in us since the dawn of time, and video is a great way to tell an engaging story. 

Next, you want your patients to have an emotional connection to your videos.  This will help you connect with them and give your messages a personal feel, making them that much more powerful.

And finally, you want your videos to be educational. Our brains process visual information faster than text. 
Patients are already watching video concerning their health. In fact, studies show that over 75 percent of patients have watched some video concerning healthcare recently.  I think the possibilities are limitless for what how video can help with patient care!