Our Tips for Onboarding New Technology in Your ASC in 2022

Introducing new technology in your Ambulatory Surgery Center can be a complex process. Some staff members may be resistant to change, others may be fearful of the learning curve. Successfully onboarding new technology relies on having your entire team on the same page and enthusiastic about the process. Here are our tips for making a smooth transition when your ASC onboards new technology like our patient tracking boards and vendor management software solutions.

Be an Advocate for the New Technology

Ensure the doctors and management at your ASC are vocal about their support for new technology. Talk about positively implementing new software or technology, directly addressing any concerns, and explaining the advantages to the new system in detail. Change for the sake of change won't lead to support from your staff. Indicating how new technology will give your staff flexibility, improve patient outcomes, or make payment processing easier will reassure your team that the changes are necessary and good. Schedule demos for your staff so they understand the changes and how they will improve the ASC.

Provide Thorough Education

Training is essential for the successful launch of new technology. Before training your entire team, select a few employees who are most interested in the changes and who will be cheerleaders for any new technology. Offer early training to key employees prior to putting any changes in place. Let them dive deep into online training sessions. When training is put in place for the rest of the staff, these employees can offer support to others. Above all, be sure to begin training BEFORE you go live with new technology. On-the-job training while learning new skills is stressful; make sure your team is prepared well in advance of full utilization of new technology.

At One Medical Passport, a Project Manager is assigned to your ASC to ensure your team takes full advantage of online training sessions. They will be available to answer questions, guide your team through the training process with Knowledgebase Videos, and improve implementation at your ASC.

Create Cheat Sheets

Have someone involved in the early stages of training and implementation create quick-and-easy cheat sheets for reference. These can be discreetly posted at various locations or put together in a binder. Avoid too much detail, use visual aids, and keep things as linear as possible, so it's easy to refer to the cheat sheets for the most common errors and questions.

Have a Reasonable Timeframe

If you've chosen technologies that impact all aspects of your ASC's patient care and management, put them in place using a reasonable time frame. While it may be tempting to make the change all at once, this isn't practical. Make sure the training process has been thorough and that everyone is somewhat comfortable with the changes before you flip the switch. If you are making multiple changes, consider adding one type of technology at a time, giving your team several weeks to adjust to one change and smooth out any kinks before moving on to another one.

Check-in Frequently with Your Team

Keep the lines of communication open and check in frequently with your ASC staff. Some individuals may be so immersed in learning the new system that they won't have time to ask questions unless you approach them first. Try weekly meetings to ask how the transition is going. Ask for recommendations on making the transition more manageable. 

Reward Those Embracing New Technology

Provide incentives to your team for their participation in implementing new technology. It can be as simple as a gift card for lunch at a nearby restaurant once training is complete or recognition to those who are stars at helping others get up to speed on a new system.

While new technology can be intimidating, it will improve your ASC's performance and employee satisfaction over time. The key is to create a supportive and positive environment before, during, and after the new technology is put in place.

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