Keeping Negativity at Bay: 5 Ways to Create a Positive ASC Culture

Creating a positive work culture is imperative in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. ASC employees are under constant stress because of the fast-paced environment and need to provide top-quality care at all times. The stakes are high, and there is always a risk that negativity can creep into your ASC's culture. Providing a positive culture for your staff will create a work environment where negativity has no place, resulting in better service, higher employee retention, and greater employee satisfaction.


Invest in Your Employees

Dead-end jobs are frustrating. When employees feel they are stuck in a position that doesn’t offer advancement or any challenges, they quickly become discouraged. Their dissatisfaction with their job is often vocalized to others, bringing down the entire mood of the office. Never assume that your employees are happy just putting in their time and getting a paycheck. Recognize that your employees want to grow and advance.

During annual performance reviews, ask your employees about their goals for the year as well as where they see themselves in five years. If they hope to move up the career ladder or would like to try on a different job title, listen and encourage them. Suggest ways to help them achieve their goals, including funding educational opportunities and offering flexible hours when needed. Promoting from within is also contributes to a positive culture.


Invest in Software Solutions

The appropriate software makes everything from invoicing to patient care more straightforward and more effective. Talk to your staff about ways you can invest in software programs that will streamline billing, make it easier to track patients, and ensure accurate record keeping. One Medical Passport’s software suite provides state-of-the-art solutions that make every step of ASC patient care and office management easier and less confusing.

Confusion and overlap often result in frustration and negativity. Using a software system that ties everything together from pre-registration to document storage leads to better coverage without overlap or missed information. Knowing their work isn't redundant or a waste of time will boost employee morale, and One Medical Passport can help.


Encourage Recognition and Celebration

Take the time to recognize employees and congratulate them on their achievements. This can be as simple as choosing an employee of the month. Be sure that you're recognizing employees for genuine achievement and giving them a tangible reward that adds something positive to their day, even if it's a coffee gift card or some flowers. It doesn’t have to be expensive to show appreciation.

Celebrate milestones for the ASC. When your facility brings on a new surgeon, acquires new equipment, or reaches a revenue goal, acknowledge how your staff contributed and thank them sincerely for their role.


Have an Open Door Policy

Keep an open-door policy for your staff. Set aside a time and day each week when management is available to listen to the team and offer solutions to any problems. The key is to ensure your employees know that anything discussed during office hours will be treated confidentially and addressed promptly. Be aware that some employees may complain more than others and offer coping skills or ways to increase their satisfaction with their current situation when it's appropriate. Stress that complaints outside of the office, particularly if it's venting to others rather than taking it to management, isn't an effective way to create positive change. Make sure you don't create an environment of fear but openness.


Create a Team Environment

Divisiveness leads to negativity. Encourage open discussions and put a damper on gossip by holding periodic team meetings where grievances can be aired and addressed. If you hear rumors or are aware of tension within your ASC, take a head-on approach without singling out specific individuals. Addressing the elephant in the room can reduce tension and alleviate your employees' fears or resentments. Try saying at a meeting, "I'm aware there are some rumors going around about ____________. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you are worried about your place on the team or have suggestions about how to improve the work environment for everyone, I'm ready to listen and change course if needed." Letting your employees know you consider them a part of the solution and a valuable team member fosters a positive atmosphere that makes working at your ASC a pleasure.

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