1MP Announces ASC Leaders Advisory Board to Make Outpatient Surgery Better

One Medical Passport is pleased to announce the kick-off of its ASC Leaders Advisory Board. 1MP, the leading provider of surgical care coordination and patient engagement software for outpatient surgery, created this group as a “think tank” to provide feedback from the front lines on ways to make outpatient surgery safer, more cost-effective and more convenient.


1MP collaborated with the ASC community to bring together a group of experienced, knowledgeable, and “hands on” leaders who collectively represent a good cross-section of ASCs including some of the best run ASCs in the country. Nominees were selected based on multiple factors including being a key leader in the ASC community, having a creative mind, and being willing to “think outside of the box.” 


We would like to highlight two members who are representative of the caliber of the members of the 1MP ASC Leaders Advisory Board: 


  • Leticia Ramirez Director of Nursing, leads Illinois Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery Center, a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). In less than a year, she has made a major impact at the center and led them to become safer and more efficient.


  • Susan Alexander, RN, MSN, CPAN, CSSM is the Administrator at The Reading Hospital SurgiCenter at Spring Ridge, a premier outpatient surgery facility affiliated with Reading Hospital and Tower Health.  As the administrator of an eight operating room facility, she understands the grit it takes to run a very busy and very successful ASC. 


Stephen Punzak, MD, the Founder and CEO of One Medical Passport and a practicing anesthesiologist, adds, "We're really excited about the launch of our ASC Leaders Advisory Board, It’s a fantastic group of individuals, and we greatly appreciate their agreeing to be a part of this exclusive group of ambulatory surgery visionaries. They will definitely have a direct and lasting positive impact on the evolution of outpatient surgery.  I am certain that they will help to generate ideas that will not only disrupt the ASC software industry, but outpatient surgery in general. I also want to thank our Customer Success Managers who have created amazing relationships with the customers and industry influencers we serve.  Without them, we could never have formed this very special group. I am excited about what we can all accomplish together.” 


About One Medical Passport

One Medical Passport is the leading provider of cloud-based workflow solutions to the ambulatory surgery industry. 1MP is dedicated to continuously improving outpatient surgery for patients, staff and physicians alike. For more information visit, https://1mp.com/