How to Market Your ASC: A Marketing Professional's Tips for Success

Let's face it- staff at ambulatory surgery centers often haven't been trained in marketing their facility. They're medical professionals, not marketing gurus! Every facility wants a full OR to bring in as much revenue and as many patients as possible, but it's tricky to do this without insight on marketing. Our very own Marketing Director, Melissa Gall, outlined a few steps to follow to better market your facility and keep your OR full.


1. Set a Goal

The first step to successful marketing efforts is to set a goal. This goal is important because it'll narrow down exactly what your facility wants to accomplish through marketing. Is your goal to bring in more patients? To attract nurses and doctors to apply for open positions? Whatever you decide your goal is, be sure to share it with those involved in the marketing efforts so everyone is on the same page.


2. Plan & Implement

Next, brainstorm a few ways to reach this goal. This could be adding a photo to your website, creating social media pages for your facility, or even creating a flyer to post in local coffee shops and stores. When you've finished planning, implement your plan to the best of your ability. Remember, any effort to grow is better than no effort at all!


3. Track & Measure

After some time with these marketing efforts in place, look back and determine if they helped you reach your initial goal. Tracking how well it did will help you move forward and adjust your marketing plan. If you find social media worked really well but flyers didn't, you know to stick with posting on your accounts but don't need to waste time on making more flyers.

Hopefully this short guide helps you and your staff reach any marketing related goals you have in mind. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below! Feel free to leave topic suggestions for future blogs, too.