How to Attract and Retain Top Surgical Talent in your ASC

Having top-notch surgeons at your Ambulatory Surgery Center is an essential factor in the success of your facility. Surgeons with solid reputations well known in their field get more referrals from doctors, and more patients request them. To attract and retain top surgical talent for your ASC, there are few things you need to have.


Strong Recruiting

Attracting the best surgeons starts with exemplary recruiting efforts. Administrators and HR have to know what physician partners are looking for in new talent. Understanding your ASC's future priorities is a part of this so that your staff and facility are always ready to make the best possible impression when potential hires tour the facility and meet with the team. Regular meetings with doctors to learn what their current needs are and anticipate how the ambulatory surgery landscape will change will result in better recruitment from the start.


Highlight Your ASCs Strong Points

Two features most surgeons look for when considering an ASC are efficiency and capability. Demonstrate your facility’s organization, smooth operation, and efficiency from scheduling patients to vendor management. Surgeons want to focus on surgery, not the details of running the office or problems with supplies.

Be sure your facility has the capability for particular procedures performed frequently or in high demand. If there is a question about new or specific equipment surgeons prefer, address these needs whenever possible. Surgeons will tend to choose state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technologies, including computers, software, and workflow systems designed to improve ASC performance and patient satisfaction.


Minimize Paperwork

Surgeons have an almost universal dislike of paperwork. Use a streamlined computer system for everything from pre-admission to discharge that includes exceptional document storage and retrieval system. When surgeons can use tablets or laptops for notes and instructions, they have more time to perform surgeries and spend less time trying to find lost documents in files. Digital patient records also protect the surgeon and your facility, an important consideration in today's legalistic world.


Ensure Patient Satisfaction

Patients can be your best recruiting tool. Surgeons talk to each other and their patients. If your facility goes above and beyond to make patients feel comfortable, surgeons know their patients are likely to request your ASC. It can be as simple as attractive dressing rooms and waiting areas or amenities such as coffee and tea for waiting family members.


Ask the Right Questions

You know what your ASC needs, but you need to find out what the best surgeons in the area are looking for in an ASC. Ask what they are looking for (and don’t wait until you’re already in need of a surgeon!), do some research into where the most successful surgeons are going. Discovering what surgeons are looking for will make it easier to offer an attractive offer that will keep them interested. The answers may surprise you – is it continuing education in new techniques? Flexible hours? Specializations? You won’t know unless you ask. 


Be a Cheerleader for Your ASC

Surgeons, just like everyone, want to work in a pleasant atmosphere. Be sure surgeons know you and your staff enjoy working together and are an efficient team. Talk about the positives of your ASC outside of work – word of mouth gets around. Recognizing employees for their contributions will also impress potential new team members.

ASCs that attract top surgical talent are the ones who consistently have a reputation for a high quality, efficient facility and a welcoming work environment. At One Medical Passport, we offer the tools need to make sure your ASC provides all three.


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