The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing a Vendor Management Solution

Complex surgeries like spine and total joint replacement were once the exclusive domain of hospitals because of the long post-op recovery times and the massive amount of equipment and implants needed. With new anesthesia techniques, these surgeries have made the leap to ambulatory surgery centers. For some ASC’s, this move has created a logistical nightmare.

Typically, facilities have to call, text or email vendor reps about upcoming cases and any case changes. It’s a mix of communication styles with no standard process and zero accountability. Cases are often cancelled or delayed when reps don’t show up or if they bring the wrong equipment or implants. Reps get frustrated when they show up and the case has been cancelled or delayed days before, but they were never informed. 

This is exactly why having a vendor management solution is crucial for your facility.

Here’s the ultimate checklist for choosing the right vendor management solution for your ASC:

  1. Easy vendor rep communication - A complete vendor management solution should provide an easy way to communicate with vendor reps - this means no more calling, texting, and emailing vendor reps! You should be able to have complete visibility into upcoming cases, case changes, loaner equipment, tray labels and inventory.
  2. Automated information sharing - Many vendor management solutions require staff to manually enter information for assigning a case to a vendor. When choosing a good vendor management solution, make sure the software offers automated, real-time information sharing. This will save your staff a great deal of time spent on coordinating reps.
  3. Simple loaner tray management - With the amount of implants, trays, and loaner equipment needed for procedures ...

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