Using Data in Today’s Healthcare World

You’ve implemented technology and software to help you collect better data. Now what? How can you use that data effectively? When appropriately used, healthcare data analytics can have a direct impact on improving your patient care.

Evaluating Technology Solutions That Work Together

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the right technology can improve your efficiency in crucial ways. What’s more, choosing technology solutions that work together and integrate seamlessly gives you the most bang for your buck. When evaluating new software, consider how all the parts work together to create the whole.

Innovations Surgery Center Uses 1MP to Improve Pre-Admission Processes

Innovations Surgery Center (ISC) in Rockville, MD is a surgery center that is dedicated exclusively to GYN procedures. Their innovative techniques keep even the most complicated procedures to a minimally invasive level. They are known for their exceptional patient outcomes and revolutionizing female health procedures.

Why Your Patients Want Videos for Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions

The Best Practices of Onboarding



Onboarding new technology is the beginning of easier processes within surgical facilities. The process of onboarding can appear daunting, but by debunking a few misconceptions and explaining the best way to navigate your staff through this process, we'll help you realize why it's not. 

3 Tips To Expedite Your Technical Support Ticket


Top 5 Security Questions to Consider When Choosing Ambulatory Software

Becker's ASC Review: Q & A With Dan Short of One Medical Passport

Becker's ASC Review interviewed Dan Short to learn more about the processes necessary for meeting CMS' conditions for coverage. These conditions require ASCs to provide patients with written acknowledgement of patient rights, ownership and advance directives prior to the date of service. In order to meet these conditions, ASCs across the country have responded in a number of ways.

New England Surgery Center Shares Success Story

New England Surgery Center recently shared their success story using One Medical Passport to run smarter and save time using our pre-admission solution.

An Administrator's Guide to Successful Tech Adoption

What makes or breaks the successful adoption of new technology at your surgery center? ASCs are consistently being pushed to move in the direction of streamlined, paperless workflows, and Administrators have never been more integral to the on-boarding process. In this post, we'll review the top 3 reasons that ASCs fail at technology adoption and what can be done to prevent embarking upon a potentially costly project that returns very little ROI.