Best Outpatient Practices for 2022

An Ambulatory Surgery Center is only as successful as the satisfaction of its patients. Patients who are happy with how they are treated before, during, and after outpatient procedures are some of the best advertising your ASC can receive. Moving into 2022, consider how you can build on an already good patient experience and make it an excellent patient experience. 


Pre-Surgery Consultation

Surgeons and staff at ASCs become used to the routine of surgical procedures, particularly routine, minimally invasive surgeries performed daily. Don't forget that even a common procedure can be frightening for most patients. Understanding the process's what, how, and why is critical to alleviating fears and putting your patients at ease. Consider implementing pre-surgery educational consults for patients who have questions. This can be as simple as having a nurse or PA contact each person a few days before their surgery to ask if they have any questions or concerns. Take the time to answer questions fully and reassure each patient.


Patient Education

Explaining a surgical procedure to an individual can be difficult. Having a library of educational materials that clearly explains what will occur is essential. Use email, video, and text to inform your patients of details of their care and information regarding their illness or injury and how their surgery will help. Tailoring this information to each patient using patient engagement software sends the message that your ASC sees each patient as an individual.


Keep Family Members in the Loop

The families of patients are part of the equation when improving outpatient satisfaction. Loved ones waiting in your reception area will be understandably worried. Keep them informed, particularly during lengthy procedures and while patients are in recovery. One Medical Passport’s patient tracking software makes it easy to keep everyone informed throughout a procedure. As a bonus, tracking boards improve patient flow and minimize the need for phone calls or dashing from one area to another to confirm information.


Ensure Proper At-Home Care

Walking on crutches, taking care of chores, and other activities of daily living after outpatient surgery can be overwhelming. Be sure to put options in place for patients who may not have access to assistance from friends or family. Make it your ASC’s business to know who will be helping them at home and in what capacity. If a patient doesn’t have reliable help available, arrange for home health care. Physical and occupational therapy is also critical to patient satisfaction. Arrange for in-home treatment for patients with transportation limitations and follow up to make sure patients have a rapport with their therapist.

Increased patient satisfaction resulting from implementing these outpatient best practices will ensure your ASC's success in the New Year.

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