4 Key Tips for Patient Satisfaction


1MP's very own Customer Experience Director, Nicole Spellman, gives us four tips on achieving patient satisfaction in an ASC setting.

The very first thing you can do is look at your patient satisfaction scores. Look over your patient survey responses and feedback and identify the areas that your facility is weakest. Communicate a few actionable steps that your staff can take to correct these issues and those scores will improve in no time.

The second tip is to focus on family members! Remember - they are in your waiting area (or in their car), likely wondering how things are going for their loved one. You want to make sure you are notifying them of any changes or delays and updating them on the status of their loved one.

The next one seems obvious, but can sometimes get lost during a busy day. Try your best to help patients feel like they are the only person on your schedule. Give them your undivided attention, try to ease their nerves, and help them feel comfortable with what they are going through. Listen to their feedback and share it with other staff members to keep everyone on the same page. 

The final tip is education and instruction. You want to make sure that you have really looked at your pre-op and post-op methods of communication - are they detailed and clear enough to aid in the patient journey? Do your best to communicate important details like how long they'll be waiting in the waiting room, COVID-19 protocol, and how long the procedure will take.

These are just a few of our tips to help boost patient satisfaction. What others do you have? Comment down below and start a conversation about this!

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