3 Ways Software Can Take Your Facility to the Next Level

In the modern day and age, patients — as consumers in everyday life — are highly digitally empowered. As their digital skills evolve and demand for digitalization grows, healthcare providers must make an effort to keep up with the times and adapt to meet patient expectations.

The Covid-19 pandemic made it ever more pressing to integrate digital solutions into the healthcare ecosystem. In the midst of the outbreak, traditional doctor appointments became highly inadvisable — since they increased the risks of transmission — and most patients turned to online services for assistance i.e., digital bill submissions, online consultations etc.

In a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company amongst big-tech companies, healthcare providers, the pharmaceutical sector, payers and insurers, 68 percent of respondents considered digital healthcare solutions as a highly relevant topic for the medical field. As for the purpose of digital solutions, most — about 61 percent — point out that digitalization would bring considerable improvements in patients’ wellbeing.

Our financial solution for facilities, Payments, helps patients understand their financial responsibility, enables them to setup flexible payment plans and pay their medical bills in a convenient and timely fashion. By creating a proper communication channel and helping patients understand what they owe and why, Payments could quickly increase cashflow up to 2x. 

Engage is an automated patient engagement solution to improve communication between patients and healthcare providers. It can help reduce cancellation dates, decrease day of surgery cancellations by at least 4%, improve surgical outcomes, and  personalize the experience — avoiding the detrimental one-size-fits-all mentality.

Medical Passport a digital patient registration solution carefully designed to make pre-admissions easier and safer. Patients are able to save time and fill out necessary information on their device of choice from the comfort of their home — something the new digitally-savvy generation is especially looking for. High-risk flagging and smart information gathering in Medical Passport also ensures that the care you provide is of the highest quality.

Our digital solutions operate in one congruent workflow to provide a seamless patient experience while elevating your services to the next level. 

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